MP joint meaning

noun same as metacarpophalangeal joint MPSMPS abbr member of the pharmaceutical soci-etyMRCMRC abbr Medical Research CouncilMRCGPMRCGP abbr Member of the Royal Collegeof General PractitionersMRCPMRCP abbr Member of the Royal College ofPhysiciansMRCSMRCS abbr Member of the Royal College ofSurgeonsMRIMRI abbr magnetic resonance imagingduring an MRI scan the patient lies within a strong magnetic field as selected sections of his body are stimulated with radio frequency waves. Result- ing energy changes are measured and used by theMRI computer to generate images. [ Nursing ]mRNAmRNA abbr messenger RNA MRSAMRSA abbr methicillin-resistant Staphyloco-ccus aureus MSMS abbr . mitral stenosis . multiple sclerosis MSHMSH abbr melanocyte-stimulating hormone MSUMSU abbr midstream specimen of urine mSvmSv abbr millisievert mucin